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Cool outdoor areas by up to 10°C on hot days
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Misting Fans

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High Pressure Misting Fans

Mistify’s Fans are purpose built as a Misting fans with a moisture ingress rating of IPx4 - which means they can be used outdoors.

The M-Fan is available in two sizes - small - 250mm and large - 300mm blade diameter and are specifically designed to be:
a)   quiet
b)   compact and
c)   deliver mist in environments such as restaurants, bars, back decks and horse stables.

Mistify’s M-Fans can be used on any high pressure misting system that uses 6.35mm tube (1/4 inch) or  9.5mm tube (3/8 inch) and operates above 40BAR. Needless to say they are perfectly matched to Mistify’s own high pressure misting systems.

M-Fans are an important addition to a misting system - they create air movement which is helps maximise to the cooling process of misting, as well as creating a pleasant environment. They are particularly useful in environments such as outdoor entertaining areas, outdoor restaurants as well as horse stables. Our M-Fans are designed to project mist up to 5 metres for the MF-250 and 7 metres for the MF-300. They are compact, quiet and designed to be unobtrusive. They deliver a gentle, quiet mist laden breeze, not a plant shaking second cousin to a hurricane with accompanying noise level.

Fan Specifications:
Diam mm
Diam mm
Input Power
Misting fan
The MF-250 is equipped standard with 3 nozzles and the MF-300 is equipped with four nozzles. An upgrade from 3 to four or five nozzles is available for the MF-250, and the MF-300 can be upgraded to five nozzles (both as a small cost)

Both options come equipt with a QuikConnect male fitting to plug into your misting line.

Fan Dimentions Illustrations:

Top: MF-250

Bottom MF-300

· The gimbal mounting of Mistify fans provides for pointing the mist in any direction.
· The IPX4 rating means they can be mounted outdoor in the weather
· Fans emit less than half the noise of 600mm fan, yet project mist up to 7 metres
· Compact size allows mounting under lower ceiling heights
The MF-250 is priced at $350 incl GST
(upgrade to 4 nozzles, add $18, to 5 nozzles add $35)

The MF-300 is priced at $395 incl GST
(upgrade to 5 nozzles, add $15)
Misting fan dimentions
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