Mistify Misting Sytems
Cool outdoor areas by up to 10°C on hot days
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Who is Mistify Pty Ltd:

Mistify is an Australia business, physically located in Sydney and Melbourne and ship Australia wide.  It sells, customises and provides installation support for superior quality, afordable, high pressure misting systems and components for outdoor mist, evaporative cooling.  This includes a range of solutions for residential & commercial settings such as:
  • Balconies and outdoor entertaining areas
  • Outdoor cafés, restaurants & pubs
  • Horse stables and outdoor animal shelters
  • Playgrounds
  • Small factories
  • Landscaping, nursery and greenhouse climate and moisture management.
Our systems are amongst the most advanced in the world with very quiet, efficient, 3 plunger pumps which can be controllable remotely via bluetooth. Our nozzles are patented, high efficiency nozzles, emitting very fine mist (80% 4 microns or less) with extremely low water usage and extremely high evaporative cooling effects. We have our own workshop in Sydney and we specialise in residential and small commercial solutions. We use only the best components such as stainless steel tube and high quality, patented nozzles. Our nozzles have their own micro filters, which are easily user replaceable, to ensure maximum performance.
What makes us different:

  • The noise - Our pumps are much quieter than most high pressure pumps. The smaller pumps (up to 14 nozzles) are 48-50dB, while the larger ones (up to 60 nozzles) are 55-57dB. Most pumps on the market are around 70+dB. You should note that 60dB is twice as loud as 50dB and 70dB is twice as loud again. Always ask to hear the pumps running before purchasing.

  • The mist quality - Our mist droplet diametre is 3-7um (thousandths of a millimetre), with approximately 80% of mist droplets 4 microns or less. A human hair is 50-75um in width. Size matters with misting systems - the smaller the size the more efficient the "flash evaporation", which is what cause the cooling. The smaller the size of water droplet, the less likely the surrounding surfaces will get wet. Most high pressure misting systems are 10-12um, which makes the Mistify misting systems superior in both cooling and avoiding wetness.

  • Less water usage - when operating at optimun pressure, each nozzle ejects 30mls of water per minute. A 20 nozzle system uses about 36 litres an hour, the equivalent of 2 minutes of water from your garden tap. Most high pressure systems have a flow rate of 45-50mls per nozzle, or about 60% more.

  • Remote control standard - All our systems can be controlled from the control panel on the machine.  Our smaller systems can also be controlled from a remote control keyring device and our larger systems can  also be controlled via bluetooth using a phone app. We can also customise switching systems so the pump can be turned on and off via a wired switch.

  • Service - We not only sell misting systems, we can also maintain the systems we sell. We keep a complete inventory of spare parts and components in Australia and when the pumps require servicing (and all pumps do) we do it in our own workshop. We maintain complete sets of "O" rings, oil seals and water seals for every pump we sell.
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