Mistify Misting Sytems
Cool outdoor areas by up to 10°C on hot days
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Overview of Misting Products & Kits

Products and Kits
Mistify sells four different sized, standard, high pressure misting kits with a full set of components, as well as any variety of customised combinations or individual components. We offer installation services in some locations, or you can do it yourself, following our detailed user manual and videos.

Each kit is based on a different pump size. Each pump supports a different minimum and maximum number of nozzles to cover a range of area sizes and types.   Each kit includes a high quality, super quiet, high pressure pump, with all the parts and fittings required for setting up your misting system.

The experts at Mistify can help design your system.
Kits contain all components that are needed for a system. You may require more of certain items to do differing area sizes and shapes.  We will be happy to work with you on your requirements and compile a kit that is best suited to your needs, for example:

  • Need more nozzles, elbows or tee's?  
    • We can price these into your kit.
  • Want to add some fan units with nozzles integrated?
    • No problems, we have a range of M-Fans to suit.

Mistify's pumps are a new, 3rd generation design. They have the following characteristics:

  • Low Noise - other pumps can be up 50% more noisy.
  • Low power - our 60 nozzle pump is 250 watts, other comparable pumps are up to 750 watts
  • Low water usage - Our patented nozzles eject 30mls/minute, comparable nozzles are closer to 50mls/minute
  • Small droplet size - our nozzles produce 3-7um droplets, other nozzles are 10-12um
  • All our pumps are remote controlled
  • All our pumps have recycle timers (30 second on, 10 seconds off, or 20 on and 10 off)

Standard Kits
Our smallest pre-packaged pump kit, the Mistify M-050-14 is perfect for 6 to 14 nozzle applications such as small outdoor areas, mobile and umbrella set ups, 1-3 horse stables, wash bays and horse floats. It comes with a blue tooth, remote controller. It is designed to service 2 large or 4 small M-Fans or up to 10 linear metres of pipe with nozzles, cooling up to 35 square metres. Click here for more information and to Buy

The Mistify M-100 is a high pressure misting pump that will service 8-25 nozzles and cool up to 65 square metres.  It is designed to service up to 6 large or 10 small M-Fans (sold separately) or up to 19 linear metres of pipe with nozzles.  The M-100-20 comes standard with 20 nozzles (servicing 15 lineal metres, cooling up to 50 square metres) and is perfect for applications such as outdoor living areas, small outdoor cafes, up to 4-5 horse stables, small green houses or fruit and vegetable stalls. It is controlled via a phone app.  Click here for more information and to Buy

Mistify M-150 is a high pressure misting pump that will cool up to 100 square metres and service from 16 to 40 nozzles, covering up to 30 lineal metres or up to 8 large or 13 small M-Fans (sold separately). The M-150-30 comes standard with 30 nozzles (servicing 22 lineal metres, cooling up to 77 square metres) and is perfect for applications such as medium to large outdoor living areas, outdoor large cafes, restaurants and pubs, 4-6 horse stables, large green houses and fruit and vegetable stalls. It is controlled via a phone app to adjust settings.  Click here for more information and to Buy

Our largest pump kit, the M-200 has powerful performance that will service from 25-60 nozzles - covering up to 45 linear metres of pipe and nozzles or servicing 12 large to 20 small M-Fans or a combination of both.  It will cool up to 150 square metres  It is configured via a phone ap and is perfect for large outdoor areas, cafes, restaurants and large horse stable blocks.  The standard M-200-50 kit comes with 50 nozzles (servicing 38 lineal metres, cooling up to 125 square metres).  Click here for more information and to Buy

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements or would like a quote for a kit with a different number of fittings.

Pump Model
12V DC Brush
230V adapter incl
120 watts
180 watts
180 watts
250 watts
1000 hrs
800-1000 hrs
800-1000 hrs
800-1000 hrs
Remote control
yes -
blue tooth remote
yes -
via phone app
yes -
via phone ap
yes -
via phone ap
Re-cycle Timer
yes - selection of pre-set cycles
yes - completely customisable cycles
yes - completely customisable cycles
yes - completely customisable cycles
Min-Max (0.15mm)
6-14 nozzles
8-30 nozzles
16-40 nozzles
24-60 nozzles
Area Cooled*
up to 40m2
Lineal Metres Covered**up to 10 lineal metres
up to 19 lineal metres
up to 30 lineal metres
up to 45 lineal metres
Max No. of fans it can service**3 large or 4 small6 large or 10 small8 large or 13 small12 large or 20 small
Super quiet, advance, high pressure misting pump for small areas
Super quiet, high pressure misting pump from Mistify
High quality, outdoor, high pressure misting fans with integrated nozzles
Heavy duty, quiet, high pressure misting system
*Area cooled is a guide, depending on the setting and wind conditions.
**Lineal metres of nozzles and fans can be combined.  Maximum numbers will be reduced based on the combination of fans and lineal metres of nozzles that are used. Area cooled will be similar.
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